Oak Grove Community Council By-Laws


The Oak Grove Community Council (OGCC) by-laws were approved and became effective as of January 25,2012.  Language in underlined, bold italics is required either by State Statute or County Ordinance.



The name of this organization shall be the OAK GROVE COMMUNITY COUNCIL (OGCC), referred to herein as the "Council."



  1. Authorization: Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 215 provides Clackamas County the authority to establish Community Planning Organizations (CPOs) and to define their boundaries.


  1. The OAK GROVE COMMUNITY COUNCIL operates as a duly established and recognized CPO by Clackamas County.


  1. All CPO Boundaries are established by Clackamas County. Refer to the county map for current Boundaries of the Oak Grove Community Council.



  1. To bring together persons who share a common concern for the Oak Grove Community.


  1. To inform Citizens in the Oak Grove Community of all proposed developments and/or changes in land use that will affect the area, and to provide an opportunity for Citizen input.


  1. To make recommendations to Clackamas County regarding land use, including zoning, conditional use permits, residential and/or industrial development


  1. To organize Citizens in the Oak Grove Community to establish their own priorities for land use.


  1. To provide the Oak Grove Community with a vehicle for establishing an organized two-way communication channel with public agencies and governmental organizations.


  1. To aid the Oak Grove Community in preserving and enhancing neighborhoods.


  1. To advise County, Regional, State, and Federal agencies about the Oak Grove Community's concerns and problems, and suggest solutions for same.



  1. To provide opportunities for Service Districts to update, and receive feedback from, the Oak Grove Community on services offered.



Article IV (A)

  1. Membership in the Oak Grove Community Council shall be open to anyone who is: a resident of the Council's recognized area; a property owner within the Council's recognized area: or a designated representative of a business, corporation or trust within the Council's recognized area.


  1. To become a voting member of the Oak Grove Community Council, and thus be eligible to take action on Council Business matters, a person must:


             a     Attend five (5) Council Business meetings during the previous twelve (12) months.

             b     Sign his/her name on the official register at the required five (5) Council Business meetings.

             c     The five (5) Council Business meetings must consist of a minimum of three (3) Regular Council Business Meetings. The remaining two (2) meetings may be Special Council Business meetings.

             d     Members attain voting privileges following their fifth (5th) Council Business meeting.

   3     To retain voting status in the Oak Grove Community Council, a voting member must attend at least two (2) Council Business Meetings per calendar year, beginning in the year under which voting privileges are attained.

             a     Members who have not attended two (2) meetings by September 1 shall be notified by a board member that their voting privileges are in jeopardy.

             b     Prior to the January meeting, a board member shall notify members whose voting privileges have been suspended.

             c     To restore voting privileges, within a calendar year a member must attend at least three (3) Council Business Meetings.

             d     Members who have had their voting privileges suspended may appeal to the Board for reconsideration. The board may grant exemptions.

Article IV (B)

  1. A Meeting Quorum / Voting Quorum for a Regular or Special Council Business meeting shall consist often (10) members, of which at least two (2) are Council Board of Directors members.


   2     Action of the Council shall be bv a majority vote of Council voting members present at any Regular or Special Council Business meeting for which proper public notice is given and at which a meeting quorum is present, as defined in the paragraph above.

   3     Motions and voting on Council business matters and land use items shall be limited to voting members of the Council.

Article IV (C)

   1     The vote of each member shall be recorded bv name unless more than 25 members vote.

   2     The results of the voting shall be reported numerically and become part of the meeting minutes.

   3     In cases where response deadlines preclude action at a Regular or Special Council Business meeting, the Council may delegate responsibility for taking action to the Board of Directors. Council action shall then be taken at the next Regular or Special Council Business meeting with proper notice.


Article V (A)

   1     The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) voting members of the Council as follows:

             a     The four (4) Officers of the Council.

             b     Three (3) Directors elected at-large from the voting members of the Council.

Article V (B)


             a     CHAIR: Sets the agenda for all Regular or Special Council meetings; Presides at all Regular or Special Council Business meetings; Represents the Council at all conferences or activities involving intra/inter-organizational planning and coordinating; Directs the Board on planning and coordination of Council affairs.

             b     VICE CHAIR: Fulfils the duties of the Chair when the Chair is unavailable.

             c     SECRETARY: Keeps minutes and attendance records of all Regular and Special Council Business meetings; Maintains Council minutes, attendance records, and keeps a file of all correspondence and records available for public inspection and review in compliance with State Public Access laws.

             d     TREASURER: Is responsible for maintaining a record of all Council moneys received, expended for (or by) the organization; Provides a general financial report at Regular Council Business meetings, and a detailed financial report once a year. A review of the financial records by the Board of Directors will be required upon the election of a new Treasurer

Article V (C)


             a     Assist the Council Chair and/or other Council Officers on policy matters and parliamentary procedures. Oversee committee activities, confer honorary titles and perform other duties as requested


   1     The Council Officers and Directors at Large will be nominated at the January Regular Council Business meeting of each odd-numbered year.

   2     The Council Officers and Directors at-large shall be elected and installed during the subsequent February Regular Council Business meeting

   3     Terms of office shall be for two (2) years.


   1     A nominating committee shall be appointed by the Council Board of Directors.

   2     The nominating committee shall name one (1) or more candidates for each Council Officer position and Director at Large position, and verify eligibility.

   3     At the election meeting, additional nominations may be made from the floor.

   4     Consent of each candidate must be obtained before being placed in nomination.

   5     Council Officers and Directors at Large are elected by written ballot of the Council

   6     A simple majority confers office.

   7     A vacancy occurring in any Council Board of Director position shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Board of Directors, by nominating one or more candidates who will be voted upon by the Council members in attendance in a Regular Council Business meeting. The floor will also be open to new nominations during the Regular Council Business Meeting.

   8     Upon leaving a post as an Officer or Director, all Council records, documents and property shall be turned over to the Presiding Officer within fourteen (14) days of the vacancy. When the Treasurer post is vacated, signature authority at the Council's financial institution must be changed within seven (7) days.


Article VIII (A)

   1     Regular Business meetings of the Oak Grove Community Council shall be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at a location appropriate for the number of attendees.

   2     The November and December Regular Council Business meetings will be combined and held on the first Wednesday of December.

Article VIII (B)

The Council Chairperson, or two Directors, or five Council members, with proper notice in accordance with Article 4, may call special Council Business Meetings

Article VIII (C

All Council meetings shall be open to the public, with the privilege of the floor extended to all present.

Article VIII (D)

Records of all Regular and Special Council Business meetings shall be kept, and will be available for inspection, following statutory requirements

Article VIII (E)

A designated member of the Council Board of Directors will notify the local newspapers or post other appropriate notice in advance of all meetings. Notice shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of ORS 192.640 or any succeeding statute governing public meeting notices.

Article VIII (F)

All Council meetings will be conducted in a businesslike manner and according to recognized parliamentary procedures. Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised will serve as a guideline where it is not inconsistent with these By-Laws, Clackamas County Ordinance or State Statute.


   1     Council committees may be created by the Board of Directors as deemed necessary to promote the objectives of the Council and carry on its directives.

   2     Council committees shall periodically present activities and findings to the Board of Directors and/or Council.

   3     A Council committee may include individuals from outside the Council.

   4     A Council committee shall be dissolved upon completion of its objectives and submission of a final report to the Board of Directors or the Council

   5     Land Use Site Reviewers

             a     Must be voting members of the Council

             b     Will be appointed by the Council Chair to conduct on-site reviews of land use matters within the boundaries of the Council on behalf of the Council, and report findings to the Council.


   1     A committee may be appointed by the Board of Directors to review proposed amendments to these By-Laws

   2     These Bylaws may be amended as follows:

             a     The proposed amendment(s) must be read at a regular Council business meeting and approved by a majority vote of those members present and voting.

             b     The proposed amendment(s) must be published in the minutes for the meeting in which they were approved.

             c     Proposed amendments shall be submitted to the County Counsel for approval Upon approval of the County Counsel, the proposed amendments shall be approved by the members of the OGCC CPO at a regular Council business meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of those members present and voting.

   3     These Council Bylaws shall be subject to review and revision at least once every five (5) years.


In the event that the OAK GROVE COMMUNITY COUNCIL becomes inactive, any existing funds in the treasury will be disbursed according to a vote of the membership.



January 2008: Dick Jones Chair, Oak Lodge Community Council

September 28, 2011: Eleanore Hunter Chair, Oak Grove Community Council

January 25, 2012: Eleanore Hunter Chair, Oak Grove Community Council

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