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Your Community Planning Organization in Oak Grove

Welcome to the official website of the Oak Grove Community Council (OGCC), often called the "Oak Grove CPO".

The Community Council meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month in the Oak Grove United Methodist Church, 14700 SE Rupert Dr., Oak Grove, OR 97267 (map). Everyone is welcome to attend. Additional meetings are also scheduled from time to time.

(Some months have five Wednesdays. Just to be clear, we meet on the 4th Wednesday, not the last Wednesday of the month.)

We enthusiastically urge you to attend the meetings and join in the dialogue.

To learn about the Oak Grove Community Council, and about the role it plays in the Oak Grove community, click About Oak Grove.

OGCC Board Meetings

The Executive Board of the OGCC normally meets once a month to review the previous month's meeting, to discuss plans for the upcoming monthly meetings, and to discuss community events and issues. The meetings are normally held on the first Wednesday of each month from 10 - 12 am at the fire station at 2930 SE Oak Grove Blvd, Oak Grove. All meetings are open to the public.

Note: At the September 2011 meeting, the Community Council approved changing the name of the Oak Lodge Community Council (OLCC) to the Oak Grove Community Council (OGCC). You may see some older text that still refers to the CPO with the old name.

Current Events and Announcements

Time and Location for OGCC Meetings

Jim Martin reminds you that the Social Time for the general meetings will begin at 6:30 PM and the official meeting start time will be 6:45 PM. The meeting end time is 8:45. These changes were made to accommodate the meeting hall closure schedule for the Oak Grove United Methodist Church.

Note: the Oak Grove Community Council meeting place changed as of January 22, 2014. The new location is:

Oak Grove United Methodist Church
14700 SE Rupert Dr
Oak Grove, OR 97267

Click HERE for directions.

The meeting site was changed because the meeting room at Rose Villa has been removed during a large remodeling project there. The plan is to meet at the new address until January 2016.

OGCC Elections Coming!

The OGCC Board of Directors consists of seven voting members of the Council elected for two year terms. This includes four Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) and three Directors-at-Large. The current Board terms are ending at the February 2015 meeting.

OGCC members will nominate candidates for all positions at the January 2015 regular OGCC business meeting and elections will be held during the February 2015 meeting. The newly elected Board will be installed at the February meeting.

A nominating comittee has been working to line up candidates for the Board offices. OGCC members can make additional nominations at the January 2015 meeting. Any voting member can run for a Board position.

For complete details about the election and the duties of each Officer and Director-at-Large, see Article V through Article VII of the OGCC Bylaws. Contact any current Board member if you wish to run for an office or if you need additional information. Click HERE for contact information.

Concord Elementary School Planning

Concord Elementary School is currently unoccupied after the Board of the North Clackamas School District consolidated certain district schools to save money. Now the school board is looking into what might be done with the building. The building is located at 3811 SE Concord Rd. (block or two east of SE McLoughlin Blvd.).

Concord School

The school board voted on Dec 2nd to approve a process of determining the future of the Concord Elementary School building. A preliminary version of this process is detailed HERE.

Community members can have input as to the future of the building - if you are interested, please contact
Eleanore Hunter,, 503-794-7076.

The William Wild Memorial Fund

We are sad to report that William Wild passed away Saturday, February 8, after a courageous battle with cancer.

Those who have attended OGCC meetings for some time need no reminder of his many contributions to our community. Those who knew him better know that his contributions extend back well before he came to Oak Grove.

To commemorate his service and to assist his family with expenses they are facing at this time, the William Wild Memorial Fund has been established. Information about how you can contribute are HERE.

Thank you.

Updates on the Light Rail Project

Want updates about Trimet's Light Rail project at Milwaukie and Park Avenue? Click HERE. This information is updated regularly by Trimet.

Clackamas County Citizen Involvement

Do you want to participate more in local community governing? Visit HERE to view some Clackamas County citizen involvement resources.

In particular, go HERE to see the County's Community Plannning Organization Handbook. Find out what CPOs like the Oak Grove Community Council are all about.

Current OGCC Board of Directors

Every two years, the OGCC holds an election for Officers and Directors-at-Large positions for the OGCC Board of Directors. The last Board election was held at the February 27, 2013 regular meeting. These are our current officers. 

Chair – Jim Martin

Vice-Chair – Eleanore Hunter

Secretary – Joan Hamilton

Treasurer – Chaunda Wild

Directors-at-Large (3) – Baldwin van der Bijl, Fred Sawyer, and Bob Zimmer